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The vision of the Teton County Sheriff’s Office is to be the foremost leader in excellent public service across the State of Wyoming. 

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It is the mission of the Teton County Sheriff’s Office, in partnership with our community, to preserve the peace, seek justice, embrace our roles as public servants and strive to provide a safe environment for all.  We will accomplish this through our commitment to the values of integrity, fairness, compassion, CUSTOMER SERVICE and excellence, forever upholding the constitutional rights of all people.              

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Honor, integrity and respect will never be betrayed.  I will always hold myself and others accountable for having the courage to do the right thing.





Press Release:
Teton County Sheriff’s Office deputies warn public against “DEA” scam based outside of the United States

4/15/2014 10:47:33 AM

    Teton County residents have recently been targeted by a scam where a resident is contacted by phone and the caller represents themselves by claiming to be from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).  The DEA impersonator tells the resident he/she has been indicted on criminal charges in another state and documents are being mailed to them about their alleged criminal act(s).  The caller also warns the citizen not to talk to anyone about this or they will be arrested.  It is believed that the citizen will be contacted later and informed they missed a court date and need to wire money to avoid a warrant being issued for their arrest.


      In one particular report, a local citizen returned the call to the number listed on their caller ID, and the person who answered identified themselves as "DEA".  THIS IS A SCAM.  The Teton County Sheriff's Office was able to verify this as a scam by contacting a DEA office and also contacting the originating phone number of the fictitious "DEA" office.  Within minutes of being called by law enforcement, the phone number was disconnected by the scammers.


      Essentially this scam is originating in another country using a USA based phone number.  If you are ever required to appear in court, you will be notified in person by a law enforcement officer or through certified mail with official documents stating the date, time and location of the required court appearance.  NEVER SEND OR WIRE MONEY TO SOMEONE WHO CONTACTS YOU BY PHONE.  If you suspect a scam, contact your local law enforcement agency for guidance.

Contact:  Sergeant Tom Combs

Teton County Sheriffs Office
180 South King Street
P.O. Box 1885
Jackson, WY 83001

Press Release:

4/10/2014 7:50:51 PM

 Jackson, WY.  Jackson Town Council declares state of emergency and adopts disaster declaration, and delegates authority to incident command due to the Budge Drive landslide situation.


At the Town Council meeting at 5:00 P.M. today, the Jackson Town Council adopted a resolution declaring an emergency and delegation of authority authorizing expenditures up to $50,000.  Additionally, the Town Council adopted a disaster declaration. 


Town Manager Bob McLaurin commented, “This declaration and resolution is a crucial step in correctly responding to this situation and obtaining assistance when needed.”


During a briefing in the afternoon and at the Council meeting by geologist George Machan of Landslide Technologies out of Portland Oregon, there were three areas discussed including high risk areas, medium risk areas, and lower risk areas within the Budge Drive neighborhood.  The high risk area appears to be a V shape that is bordered on the east by the east wall of the Walgreens commercial facility, bordered on the north by the house directly north of the intersection of Budge Drive and West Broadway, and bordered on the west by the Sidewinders restaurant facility and includes the parking areas associated with the Sidewinders facility.  Areas of medium risk include the Sidewinders Restaurant on the west, but do not include the Walgreens employee housing facility on the east.  Areas outside of this medium risk area are low risk, but not without risk.  The high risk area is where there are visible cracks in the earth as well as in retaining walls and the roadway and driveways.


Mr. Machan’s early projections were noted, “It appears that the slide surface is 5-10 feet below the parking lot and it appears to be a flat surface back into the hillside.  This is a very complicated area from a geology standpoint with marginal stability, infill, and hillside development.”  It was noted at the meeting that the flat surface appears to be a clay surface.  Mr. Machan indicated that additional drill holes were needed that extended approximately 100 feet deep in multiple locations within each area in order to adequately assess the situation.  Mr. Machan indicated he would need to go over a fair amount of data tomorrow to provide any further information. 


Rich Ochs, Emergency Management Coordinator stated, “Delegating authority is standard within the Federal Emergency Management Administration.”


Town Manager Bob McLaurin thanked the support the community had received from the State of Wyoming.  He added, “Most of our expenses up to this point have included overtime for staff but longer term would include other expenses such as drilling holes, survey needs, and the potential creation of an alternative access road.”


Inclinometers behind Walgreens have shown a tilt towards the highway at the bottom and back towards the hillside at the top.  Mr. Machan also discussed the fact that actions have been taken over the years that may have contributed to the movement of the hillside and additional actions could be taken in the future to mitigate current and future movement.  Incident Commanders continue to consult with Town of Jackson officials to evaluate different methods of mitigation.  Town of Jackson officials continue to consult with outside experts and organizations to evaluate alternative access routes to Budge Drive. 


The Council’s resolution and disaster declaration are available on the Town’s website located at www.townofjackson.com.


A public meeting has been scheduled for 7:00 P.M. tonight at Jackson Elementary School.  Emergency response officials as well as George Machan, geologist, and Guy Cameron, Director of Wyoming Homeland Security will be in attendance.  The purpose of this meeting will be to provide a community update on the situation and answer questions from the public.

Press Release:

4/9/2014 1:28:58 PM

Jackson, WY. Town of Jackson staff continues to monitor hillside movements in the neighborhood of Budge Drive with increasing concern over slope stability and the potential for release of the hillside immediately above Walgreens and the intersection of Budge Drive and West Broadway.

On April 6, 2014, the hillside movement caused the Town’s pump station at the northwest corner of Budge Drive and West Broadway Avenue to shift, which, in turn, caused a water main break. Town crews worked diligently over the past several days to successfully jackhammer through approximately 18 inches of concrete to repair that leak. Since that date Town officials have been working closely with engineers and geologists to provide continuous monitoring of the area affected. The site shows accelerated movement resulting in a higher level of concern for Town officials.

The Town of Jackson is issuing an evacuation advisory for residents of Budge Drive. Public Works crews working on the road will assist with traffic direction during this evacuation advisory should residents choose to leave at this time.

After consultation with the Town and Wyoming Department of Transportation officials, Walgreens officials decided to close the store temporarily and evacuate the premises until further notice. Walgreens has been cooperative throughout this process and the Town will continue to work closely with them.

Additionally, the Town closed the eastern upper parking area for Sidewinders as a precautionary measure. Sidewinders remains open to the public with access from the western entrances to the business.

Town Manager Bob McLaurin acknowledged the closure of Walgreens by Walgreens officials and said, “We believe they are making the right decision at this time and thank them for acting so promptly. Until we have a better handle on stabilizing the slope, this makes the most sense.”

At this time, the areas that might be imminently affected by a release of the hillside include the Walgreens commercial operation, the east end of the parking area at Sidewinders, and the house directly above the intersection of Budge Drive and West Broadway Avenue. The two housing units in question have been evacuated with utilities disconnected by Lower Valley Energy.

The Town of Jackson will continue to work with engineers and geologists with expertise in the area of slope stabilization. The Town will continue to consider and evaluate mitigation alternatives and methods to provide long term stabilization of the slope. Rich Ochs, Teton County Emergency Management Coordinator, has been in contact with State of Wyoming officials to keep them apprised of the situation should the need for additional assistance be necessary.

Inquiries into the matter can be directed to the Town Manager’s office at 733-3932.