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10/1/2013 9:59:38 AM

The Teton County Sheriff's Office will hold a public auction 10 days following the first date of this publication.

Date of Auction:           October 10, 2013


Teton County Sheriff's Office Impound Lot 
3180 S Adams Canyon Drive 

Time:      1:00 p. m.

 This auction is to satisfy judgment entered on case #CV16183


The following vehicle is in fair condition and will be up for sale to the highest bidder.

1976 Chevy C-65 SP Hydro Sprayer
Bidding will start at $5000.00

(Payment due at close of sale)

Those interested in bidding on the above mentioned vehicle should arrive 15 minutes prior to sale for inspection of the vehicle; bidding will start at 1:00 p. m.

Purchaser will be responsible to make arrangements to move the vehicle within 48 hours after purchase.

Jim Whalen, Sheriff

Cheryl Chidester
Warrants & Civil Process Manager
Teton County Sheriff's Office
(307) 732-8322

Published:  10/02, 10/09

VIN inspection fee will be $10.00 beginning July 1, 2013

6/19/2013 11:49:38 AM

VIN inspection fee will be $10.00 beginning July 1, 2013.

Beware of Boston Marathon Scams

4/17/2013 5:32:10 PM


Internet watch groups and cyber security experts have already identified multiple fake domains/websites, and charity efforts taking advantage of the Boston Marathon bombing. Based on previous tragedies, more scams will follow in the coming days. Internet users need to apply a critical eye and conduct due diligence before clicking links, visiting websites, or making donations.

Boston Marathon Warning Information

Telephone Scam

3/26/2013 2:05:34 PM

DWS Warns of Telephone Scam Targeting Businesses


The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services (DWS) is warning of a telephone scam by a company identifying itself as "U.S. Federal Labor Compliance." Wyoming business owners have been the targets of the phone calls. The recipients of the fraudulent calls are told that they need to purchase an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance package for $249.50. If the purchase is not made, the scam claims that the business will undergo an OSHA inspection. DWS is working with state law enforcement to identify the culprits of the fraudulent calls.

If you receive such a call, please report it to your local authorities, and contact us at 1-877-WORK-WYO.


3/25/2013 12:14:13 PM




(Cheyenne, WY)  Wyoming citizens are being subjected to robocalls asking for debit card and credit card information. The Wyoming Attorney General's Office has recently seen a sharp rise in consumer complaints regarding this type of scam, and is investigating the calls.


The debit card scam occurs when a person receives a telephone call with a voice recording.  The recording indicates that they are calling about a problem with the person's debit card, or more vaguely "card".  The recording asks that the person press 1, and then asks the recipient to input personal financial information including the card number and pin number of their card.  The Caller ID number usually shows a number outside of Wyoming. 


If you receive a call like this, please do not give out any personal information and hang up.  If you have any concerns about your debit or credit card, please contact the financial institution that issued the card.   


People can report robocall debit card incidents to our office 777-5833 or directly to the Federal Trade Commission at or 877-382-4357.


If you are the victim of this scam, please contact your financial institution immediately.